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Shark eBikes Battery Care

The basics

  • Avoid overheating your battery. This will help prolong the life of your battery.
  • Try to avoid discharging your battery completely. Fully emptying the battery can damage the battery and shorten its life cycle. When not in use for a longer period of time, charge your battery at least once every 4 - 6 weeks.
  • Always use the charger provided as it is specifically designed to optimise charging for the battery provided with your bike. Using the wrong charger will also result in void warranty.
  • If leaving the battery for long periods of time. Such as Winter season. Try leaving it discharged at 40%-50% capacity as leaving the battery fully charged for long periods also contributes to reduced battery life.
  • Try to avoid excessively cold temperatures when possible and always charge the battery at room temperature.

Charging the Battery

Applies to every bike model sold by SHARK eBikes.

Remove the battery using the provided key.

Tiger: unlock with key, slide out pulling upwards from the bottom first.

Angel: unlock with key, slide out by pulling horizontally.

Locate the charging port hidden under the rubber cap. Open the cap.

Plug in the charger into the mains socket.

Insert the charging cable into the charging port.

When charging, RED light will appear on the charging brick.

Once fully charged, the red light will turn GREEN.

You can now detach the charger, close the rubber cap on the charging port, and insert the battery back inside the bike.

Tip: easiest way to insert Tiger's battery back in its place is to slide it in starting from the top.

Battery Life

Like all batteries, your eBike battery will deteriorate over time. It'll be a long while before you notice any capacity difference. Approximately 3 years. This estimate is based on average regular use. When cared for properly, the longevity of your battery can easily exceed the 3 years estimate. The best way of preserving your battery is simply using it on a regular basis. This will help avoid leaving the batteries depleted or fully charged for too long.

Charging your battery using the wrong charger, or overcharging it can immensely damage your battery, by either drastically shortening its life cycle or deeming it unusable. This is why it's important to always use the charger provided from manufacturer as it will have integrated controls built in to prevent the damage from happening.

Whenever possible, remember to take the battery off charge when it is finished.

Battery Sleep Mode

This system activates where the battery BMS (battery management system) will shut down the cells in order to protect them from over discharging. This will only happen if left for long periods of time without charging or when left flat. It is always best to keep the battery active and partially charged to avoid the battery going into that state.

Long discharges

Your battery can get stressed when it reaches the lower levels of the battery capacity, so it is well advised to keep your battery topped up when in every day use to prevent this from happening.

Lithium batteries do not suffer from degradation as a result of charging them too early. You can feel safe charging them at any time, be it from 10% to 100% or just a small top-up on the go, e.g. charging from 50% to 70% and continuing your journey.


All information on this page is provided as a guide and should only be used for guide purposes to help aid the longevity of your SHARK eBike battery. This means SHARK ltd will not be held responsible for any misuse of the information provided.