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Shark eBikes

We once were curious to the world of ebikes. As cycle enthusiasts we started Shark eBikes with the idea building a community that strives for healthier lifestyles, a green and more sustainable future and reduce the ever growing cost of living.

Following the creation of Shark eBikes in 2020, our first models, the Tiger Shark and Angel Shark have hit the streets of the UK. Our ever-growing community of riders is a great place where everyone is welcome. Our small but efficient team are not only passionate about cycling but also you and your customer journey. Whether you need help with specifications on our bikes, helping with the transition to an eBike or need customer support, we are genuinely always here to help.

Located in the heart of Yorkshire, we are passionate about providing the highest quality electric bikes to riders of all experience levels. Our range of e-bikes includes everything from comfortable step-through models to hardtail mountain bikes, all equipped with powerful rear hub and mid motors to help you conquer any terrain.

At Shark eBikes, we believe that e-bikes are the future of transportation. With their pedal-assist technology, our electric bikes allow riders to go further and faster with less effort, while also reducing their carbon footprint and promoting a healthier lifestyle.

Our team of experienced technicians and bike enthusiasts are dedicated to providing the best possible service and support to our customers. We are committed to helping you find the perfect e-bike to suit your needs and budget, and we offer a range of customization options to ensure that your bike is tailored to your unique preferences.

In addition to our selection of e-bikes, we also offer a range of accessories and spare parts to keep your bike running smoothly and efficiently. And with our convenient online store, it's never been easier to browse and purchase your favorite e-bike products from the comfort of your own home.

So whether you're a seasoned e-bike rider or a newcomer to the world of electric bikes, Shark eBikes has everything you need to start exploring the great outdoors. Visit us today and experience the freedom and excitement of e-biking for yourself!

E-Bike | Frequently Asked Questions

Can you rent an electric bike in the UK?

Yes, you can rent an electric bike in the UK. Shark eBikes is one of many electric bike companies that offer rental services.

Do you need a license to ride an electric bike in the UK?

No, you do not need a license to ride an electric bike in the UK, as long as it meets certain requirements such as a maximum power output of 250 watts and a maximum assisted speed of 15.5 mph.

Do you have to wear a helmet on an electric bike in the UK?

While it is not legally required to wear a helmet when riding an electric bike in the UK, it is strongly recommended to ensure your safety.

Do you need a CBT for an electric bike?

No, you do not need a CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) for an electric bike in the UK.

What size electric bike can I ride with a car license?

You can ride an electric bike without a car license.

Are electric bikes legal on UK roads?

Yes, electric bikes that meet the requirements of the Electrically Assisted Pedal Cycles (EAPCs) regulations are legal to use on UK roads.

Can you ride an electric bike on the pavement in the UK?

No, you are not allowed to ride an electric bike on the pavement in the UK, as it is illegal and unsafe.

What is the difference between an e-bike and an electric bike?

There is no difference between an e-bike and an electric bike; they both refer to the same type of bike with an electric motor.

Can electric bikes go 30 mph?

No, electric bikes in the UK are limited to a maximum assisted speed of 15.5 mph.

What is the maximum legal speed of an electric bike in the UK?

The maximum legal assisted speed of an electric bike in the UK is 15.5 mph.

How far can you ride an e-bike in a day?

The distance you can ride an e-bike in a day depends on many factors, such as the capacity of the battery, the terrain, and the level of assistance used. Generally, most e-bikes have a range of 20-50 miles on a single charge.

How long do e-bike batteries last?

The lifespan of an e-bike battery varies depending on the type of battery, usage, and maintenance. Typically, e-bike batteries can last between 2-5 years or 500-1000 charge cycles.

Should I charge my e-bike after every ride?

It is recommended to charge your e-bike after every ride to ensure that the battery is fully charged and ready for your next ride. This can help prolong the life of the battery and ensure that you always have enough power for your next adventure.

What are some features to look for when buying an e-bike in the UK?

When buying an e-bike in the UK, you may want to consider features such as the type of motor (mid-motor or rear hub motor), the power output and speed, the weight and size of the bike, the range of the battery, and the overall quality and durability of the bike. Additionally,